Marine Biology Study Questions

Consult the notes set and classmates who studied the separate topics to answer these questions.  The upcoming test will include these topics and Mrs. G will be checking these for the gradebook.

Intro Marine Biology Study Questions

1.What is an organic molecule? What are the four types found in living things?

2.Group the following organic compounds into the four main types: amino acids, cellulose, chitin, DNA, enzymes, fats, glucose, nucleotides, oils, RNA, starch, waxes.

3.Name three ways a marine animal could use lipids to adapt to life in seawater.

4.Write the formula for photosynthesis.

5.Explain how solar energy is converted into chemical energy during photosynthesis.

6.Write the formula for respiration.

7.Why can it be considered the reverse of photosynthesis?

8.Using the terms autotrophs and Iheterotrophs describe which organisms use photosynthesis and who uses respiration.

9.Why do you think photosynthesis is also called primary production

10.  What two elements are two of the most important nutrients by organisms?

11.  How are prokaryotes different from eukaryotes?

12.  Describe the function of the following organelles? Nucleus, Ribosomes, Endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi Apparatus, Mitochondria, Cell Wall, Chloroplasts, Flagella and cilia

13.  Describe the levels of organization from a single cell to an entire organism.

14.  Describe the levels of organization from a single organism to the entire biosphere.

15.  What is homeostasis?

16.  What are the two main challenges marine organisms face while trying to maintain homeostasis in the ocean?

17.  What is diffusion?

18.  Why is the cell membrane considered selectively permeable?


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