Fundamentals of Marine Biology

Fundamentals of Marine Biology Poster Project — poster in this context means ‘presentation’, like in college.  Final product must be electronic, presented and turned in to  Mrs. G.


1.  Four organic Compounds — The Building Blocks, Importants of Nutrients

2.  Photosynthesis — Fuel for Life, Making the Fuel, Primary Production

3. Respiration — Fuel for Life, Burning the Fuel

4. Cell anatomy — Living Machinery A.1, 2

5. Levels of organization — B. 1, 2

6. Salinity & temp challenges for life — Challenges of Life, all of A & B

7. Modes of reproduction –Perpetuating Life, all of A & B

8. Binomial nomenclature, phylogeny & 6 kingdoms –Diversity of Life in the Sea B. 1,2,3,4

9.  Diversity of Life in the Sea — Natural Selection, A

Here are the notes you should work from.  This project is a presentation with pictures and diagrams to explain your material.  The final product needs to be electronic so it can be projects for everyone to see as you present.

page 8 page 7 page 6 page 5 page 4 page 3 page 2 page 1


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