ES: Interactive Rock Cycle

28 Feb 2013

1.  Go to this site and complete the simulation game:

2.  Complete the Rock Cycle Practice from yesterday using Adobe Reader and email it to me at  Put ‘Rock Cycle Practice’ and your name in the subject block.


Oceanography: Ocean Zones, Pt 1

This the first part of our next material.  Open this document in Adobe Reader,  or the equivalent, so that you may read it and make annotations:

Ocean Zones Pt 1

Go to this document and open in a new tab.  As you read, use these questions to highlight on the reading that material that will be on the assessment for this unit:

Ocean Zones Pt1 Questions

Ocean Zones, Pt1 More reading questions


Formations Project: research suggestions

Here are some possible sites you can use to do your research.  I will be adding to this list today.  Remember this project is YOUR understanding of the information.  You have to put it in your own words!

Oceanography: Formations Project

This is for a TEST GRADE.  Remember this:

1.  Individual

2.  Physical product.  No electronic products (powerpoint, etc).  Must be something on paper.

3.  iPad is for research and taking notes only.

4.  DO NOT just cut & paste information.  Treat this like a set of essays with illustrations.  DO NOT PLAGIARIZE.

5.  check-in with teachers (Griffith & Repa 1st/Griffith & Brown 4th) on Friday and Monday to share your progress and questions/concerns.

6. Follow the rubric for the best grade.

7.  Staple rubric to the front of your completed project.

Formations Project